First Post

14 Aug

Life is complicated. This is not news to anyone who’s actually lived it. But, lately, the complications are getting a little too… well… complicated.

Here’s what’s going on:

– I am raising a precocious six year old, Danny. I know a lot of parents brag about how smart and wonderful their child is, but mine is really something else. He taught himself to read when he was maybe three, he’s memorized things I never even learned, and he’s really into cars. The other kids talk about football, baseball, etc., while he talks about Formula One racing. Every day seems to present a new challenge with him – how do I motivate him? Engage him? Socialize him?  – but also presents lots of rewards. Like when he says something ridiculously funny, or when he does something very sweet. So this blog will reference him a lot.

– My husband and I are struggling to have a child. This is going to take some explaining, but bear with me.

Danny is not my husband’s. His biological father was out of the picture from the day we found out I was pregnant. For the first few years of Danny’s life, we lived with my parents, who are saints. And very patient. I met my then-future-husband when Danny was almost 2, and married him when Danny was almost 5. He adopted Danny earlier this year.

Back in 2009, we were told it would be difficult for me to get pregnant. In 2011, we were formally diagnosed with infertility. We did our first round of IVF in November of 2011, our second round in March of 2012, and just went through our third round earlier this month. All negatives.

So that’s a huge problem right now. I don’t know what the next step is – more IVF? Adoption? Forget it all and get a dog? – and so I thought maybe journalling and blogging about the infertility journey would help.

– My in laws. My father in law died in July of 2011. We all miss him, everyday. Grief is a strange beast. Lots of tiny steps forward, and big steps back. My mother in law was diagnosed shortly after my father in law died with Fronto-Temporal Dementia. It’s an early onset, progressive, non-curable disease. She has the verbal subtype, meaning she has a lot of problems communicating, and her memory is spotty. She is physically healthy as can be. The hardest part right now is keeping her engaged and entertained. She needs a lot of care. Thankfully, we only live 20 minutes away.

I’m hoping that blogging about it will help us preserve some good memories, and maybe get suggestions on how to deal with her condition as it progresses.

– I work full time. I love my job. It’s mentally challenging and very rewarding. But I probably won’t talk about it much, because it would be boring to anyone else.

So that’s about it, for now. I’m hoping to keep this updated fairly regularly – stories about the little dude, thoughts about infertility and where to go next, and updates on my mother in law.

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