Everybody knows, it sucks to grow up

27 Aug

I am amazed at how quickly Danny is growing up. The tooth fell out on its own Saturday – no rockets needed. I was surprised by how little it was. I mean, I know it’s a baby tooth and they don’t get very big, but it was still much smaller than I expected. We found a little box, just the right size for a tooth, and put it in. Danny was afraid that the Tooth Fairy would be confused and not know where to look, so we left a note for her under his pillow. I she left a note in return, thanking Danny for the tooth and explaining that clean, brushed teeth are more valuable. He burst into my room early Sunday morning, practically wriggling with joy. “Mom! Mom! She came! She took the tooth!” He was more excited about the note than the dollar. He also now says he’s going to brush his teeth four times a day.

I love this kid so much it hurts. He’s getting taller, losing teeth, going to first grade, and moving away from me with each step. I know it’s healthy and normal, but it still makes me sad, especially since this might be it for kids. I try to tell myself to savor every moment, but it’s hard. It’s unnatural to be that hyper sensitive, and you can’t make every moment super special. But I also want to remind myself – this boy is a huge gift. According to the doctor, I never should have been able to get pregnant at all. The fact that I did, and under those circumstances, makes him an honest-to-goodness miracle.

And then there’s the moments where I do slip and forget. When he’s whining for the fifteenth time that he’s booored, there’s nothing to doooo, I don’t want to clean my roooom, I’m soooo hungry. (He really likes to stretch out those o’s when he’s whining.) He is a gift, a miracle, a blessing, but he’s also a challenge.

I’m grateful for who he is, I’m grateful that he came into my life, and I’m grateful that he’ll still horse around and play “Wild Things” with me. If I could, I would gift wrap those moments and present them to him. I’m not perfect, but I’m your mother and I love you.

Now go brush your teeth, or what’s left of them.

Look Ma, no tooth!

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