Work/Life Balance: it’s not just for women anymore!

19 Oct

Sorry for not posting anything lately, but I’ve been up against some serious deadlines at work and I’ve been staying late almost every night this week, and several last week as well. Things should be a little more manageable now, I hope.

So I’m really puzzled by this week’s debate. Apparently you need to be more flexible when hiring women, especially single mothers, if you don’t let them go home to cook dinner, their children will run rampant in the streets with guns. Or something like that.

I don’t get it. This past week, my husband has left work early, gotten dinner on the table, checked Danny’s homework, *and* did laundry. (Application for Worlds Best Husband is in the mail.) It’s not being a mom that requires flexibility, it’s being a parent. Ken and I share taking sick days when Danny’s sick, share chores, and share a much happier marriage and kid. You should be equally flexible for a working father as a working mother.

Look, it’s hard trying to raise a kid and work full time. The myth of “having it all” is just that, a myth. Some days I feel I’m not devoting enough time and energy to Danny, and some days I’m really happy to go to work for a few hours of quiet. I love my job AND I love my kid. It’s hard doing both, a lot of other stuff falls by the wayside. But I’m not the only one doing both – my husband is too. And you should be equally flexible for him.

Besides, he’s a much better cook than I am.

I would try to write a response to the other part – the increase in gun violence being due to single mothers – but I get rage-ified, my blood pressure rises, and I become incoherent. And I have work to

To lighten things up, here’s a recent Danny drawing. I call it, “I’m losing at Scrabble to my dad’s epic beard.”


One Response to “Work/Life Balance: it’s not just for women anymore!”

  1. midnightvisitor October 19, 2012 at 6:32 pm #

    Dad is a better cook. That is also true in our household. Only thing is Daddy is too busy to cook most of the time. Sigh…

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