Australia: Text Post

24 Jun

Computer is still borked (technical term), so I figured I would go ahead and post about the Australia trip, and post the pictures when the computer is un-borked (I get a completely new one).

Good Things About The Trip
– Daniel slept almost the entire way from San Francisco to Sydney. A-ma-zing.
– I discovered that Daniel will sleep anywhere. He passed out: on a bus, in two restaurants, on the beach, and in the middle of a raucous dinner dance.
– I adjusted to the jet lag pretty quickly and did not get sick.
– I got to see ridiculously awesome animals. We went to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary and Australia Zoo. We fed kangaroos, cuddled koalas, and went on a ‘Wombat Walk’ with Laura, a darling southern hairy nosed wombat. I discovered that I love Tasmanian Devils.
– I got to go in the Shark Tank at Underwater World.
– Daniel and I got to go in the Pacific Ocean.
– We got to hang out with some of my favorite family members.
– Scooooop? No scoop!!
– Making Marty crazy: Detective, you tell me do things and I done running. (I think I still have it wrong.) (And then I go wheee!)
– Watching awesome Australian movies.
– We got to meet awesome people and had a blast hanging out with Rosie and James’ family.
– We survived camping.
– We got to see a real Australian country dance with crazy complicated dances, eat pavlova, and listen to bush poetry.
– We participated in the Great Australian Pumpkin Roll. (We threw pumpkins down a big hill.)
– We went kayaking. Guess who was the only one who ended up in the river? (Hint: not Daniel.)
– We saw a rainforest, waterfalls, mountains, and back country.
– We fed lorikeets every morning, and saw lots of kookaburras.
– Beach picnics, delicious Indian food, so many good things to eat.
Best of all:
– We witnessed the wedding of Rachel and James, two of my most favorite people in the world. Even better, the rings were delivered by owl post which is just ridiculously cool.

And now,
Not-so-good Things About The Trip
– Daniel lost a tooth while waiting in the customs line to get into Australia. That’s not the bad part. The bad part was when he handed his passport to the customs agent and said, “Sorry my picture doesn’t match my face!” Thanks for trying to get Mama arrested, pal.
– Daniel did not adjust to the jet lag as well as I did and woke me up around 1am every morning.
– I did not know that the ‘shark dive’ I signed up for took place in the actual shark tank. I was terrified I was going to be eaten.
– When you order ‘chips’, they charge you an additional 20 cents per ketchup packet. Not cool, Australia.
– We sat down to watch an Australian movie about a dog. I said I didn’t want to watch it if the dog died. James said, “the dog doesn’t die.”
– Crying myself to sleep when the dog TOTALLY DIED.
– It rained a lot.
– They put weird things on their pizza. Like eggs. Get your shit together, Australia.
– Daniel did not sleep on the flight back. Neither did the screaming baby directly across the aisle.
– Noise canceling headphones do not cancel screaming babies.
– The trip was way too short.
– I missed my husband and my sister.
– How much I can’t wait to go back.

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