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Just a quick one

1 Oct

Sitting in the parent gallery of Danny’s first tennis lesson. The couple next to me seems very nice, conversing sweetly with each other. In Polish. I picked up a few phrases from Danny’s biological father. I’d like to show off, smile and say ‘dzien dobre’ but the only sentences I can follow it up with are (spelled phonetically):

– koham ciebe (“I love you”)
– moja mawa kohanya (“my little … baby?”)
– Sto lat, Sto lat, nyeah dziea dziea dem (sung at birthdays)
– die me dupa (“gimme some ass”)
– kourva (“whore”)
– tak (“yes”) and nie (“no”)
– las i lis (“The fox is in the forest.”)

I… think I’ll stay quiet. Though I like the last one. I could lean over all conspiratorial, whisper ‘the fox is in the forest,’ smile, put my finger on my lips, say ‘shh,’ and nothing more.

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